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CCIFP Patrick Ingoldsby

Aug 08, 2022

CCIFP Patrick Ingoldsby

Meet the Member: Jay Snyder

Sep 09, 2022

Meet the Member: Jay Snyder

Synchronous Modeling: Including BIM in the Project Schedule

Aug 23, 2023

The evolution of work and performance in every industry is tightly related to technology and its ...

Labor Compliance Technology: Timekeeping & Timesheets

Aug 23, 2023

Those in construction payroll can relate to the process of labor compliance when it comes to time...

Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional (CCIFP)

The construction industry becomes more complex each year and the role of the construction financial manager follows that trend. The reality the industry faces is that no one can fully see over the horizon. Our best plans are put into motion each day. We need skilled individuals in place who can properly manage those plans and have the knowledge to make the necessary adjustments and decisions. A CCIFP is a bridge between where you are and your final destination.

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